Pip Meecham

A complete overhaul from ineffective to scaling!

Maximizing Efficiency, Growth, and Revenue From inefficient, not integrated and poorly documented to an integrated system to capture every aspect of the business. Here’s the story of Safari Republic’s incredible journey – pun intended! Company Background: Safari Republic are a travel company that are all about deliving unforgettable safaris and mountain climbing adventures in beautiful …

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Use Your Voice

AI has a long way to go but writing with your voice is getting a lot easier! You might already be dictating some text or chat messages, but there’s a lot more that can be done when it comes to dictating for your work! As someone who uses voice dictation quite frequently to help with writing reports …

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Our ClickUp Overhaul

Have you ever had that moment where you see the amazing things you’ve done for others and think, “It’s time we treated ourselves to the same awesomeness”? Well, that’s exactly what sparked our recent ClickUp overhaul. We’ve been in the trenches, creating dynamic systems for others, and it dawned on me – our own workspace deserved …

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Avoid the big questions!

I want to share a little secret that I use to tackle those big, hairy questions that can sometimes make us want to run for the hills. Asking ourselves big, important questions can sometimes make our brain’s “fight or flight” response kick in (that’s your amygdala if you want to get technical). These tough questions can …

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Our favourite tool for meeting transcription and summaries!

There is a lot of software on the market that provides you a virtual AI assistant who joins your meeting and then afterwards summarises and transcribes the audio. For the last 12 months, we have been testing, playing, and retesting various options. Each tool has it’s pros (including creating video reels!) and cons (difficulty using the …

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Image showing a hand holding a spanner with the words how to create a continuous improvement hub

How to create a hub to manage continuous improvement

Ever wonder how to make your business even better? The secret lies in harnessing the power of continuous improvement. Why create a hub for improvement Ideas? Imagine having a dedicated space where your team can drop their genius suggestions for making your processes smoother and smarter. Well, you can! Here’s why it matters:  Empower Your Team: Everyone …

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