Introducing our favourite calendar/scheduling combo!

No more trying to mess around with getting your tasks into your actual calendar!

We’ve all been there. Scrambling to keep track of tasks across software platforms – from planning in ClickUp to scheduling in our daily calendars. It gets overwhelming, doesn’t it? We end up wasting more time bouncing between apps than actually getting down to work! But what if I told you there’s a tool that can simplify all of this for you? Sounds too good to be true right? Enter Morgen. Morgen acts as the ultimate productivity bridge, meshing your ClickUp tasks and calendars into one integrated playground.
Below is a demonstration of how it works including scheduling in tasks and at the end a demo of their booking tool, but here is a quick summary of why we love it!
  • Select only the parts of ClickUp that you want to see – one list from one space? Easy! For us, we love it as it allows us to connect all of the workspaces we are a part of from our consulting, into one calendar.
  • Break up those larger tasks across several days/times of day. In ClickUp, you can only schedule the task on one day or across a period of days, with ClickUp not knowing when you are going to get the work done. Morgan allows you to copy the event as many times as needed, and select how long it is going to take you each time.
  • Once the task is scheduled, it’s taken out of the list of things to do so you’ll always know what you haven’t allocated time for.
  • Automatic time tracking. You’ve scheduled it will take you 2 hours. When you mark the task as complete, Morgen will ask you if you want to track tha time in ClickUp. If you’ve copied that task into multipe days, each time you tick it off, Morgen will recognise the time you allocated for the task and ask if you want to add the time.
  • Booking page. Morgen allows you to create a booking page with mulitple types of events. Simply pick the times you are available each day to offer those up to your attendees. (Note – the reason we won’t use this yet, as it does not allow us to set days/times without selecting them manually on the calendar, but it’s great for offering people a bunch of times specific to them!)
  • Travel time. Have somewhere you are travelling to? Tell Morgen where your office is and where you are going, and it will insert the travel time for you (we have found that this doesn’t ALWAYS work but it’s a bonus to what we are really using it for).
This tool is a GODSEND. ClickUp controls what we want to do and Morgen now controls WHEN we do it allowing us to make sure that nothing is ever missed!
If you want to give it a go, click on the button below, and if you choose to upgrade to a paid plan (it took us 5 minutes to decide we were paying for the year!), use the code XUDHJ20 and get 20% off.
Happy scheduling!!

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