Our ClickUp Overhaul

Have you ever had that moment where you see the amazing things you’ve done for others and think, “It’s time we treated ourselves to the same awesomeness”? Well, that’s exactly what sparked our recent ClickUp overhaul.
We’ve been in the trenches, creating dynamic systems for others, and it dawned on me – our own workspace deserved that sprinkle of magic too! So we embarked on a ClickUp overhaul to not just tidy up, but to supercharge our efficiency and effectiveness. 

Our first move? Going on a status diet.

Let’s face it, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and what we had before, while it worked and gave us the information that we needed, created a lot of clutter. Now we have standardised our statuses across the platform, and utilised custom fields to help give us flow in our workflows.

Innovation is at the core of what we do, and next up, our custom fields got a serious upgrade.

Now, every piece of data has its place. And speaking of data, we’ve revamped our marketing plan and calendar to include robust data collection. It’s not about hoarding data; it’s about actually seeing the journey of our marketing efforts, not just guessing where they’re going.

Utilising the ClickUp Brain.

With the launch of ClickUp Brain in the last few weeks, we added in copies of our process documentation so that our ClickUp isn’t just a tool—it’s the brain of the operation, giving us the answers we need when we need them.

To top it off, we’ve implemented more intricate relationships between tasks and utilised rollup fields because context is king.

This is about making connections that give us sharper insights and help us see the big picture.

This overhaul isn’t just about being neat and tidy; it’s about our commitment to working smarter, not harder, and being smart and strategic with what we are doing. We’re talking less time searching, more time doing, with insights that help us make informed decisions faster than ever.
So, why did we do all this? We believe in walking the talk. We’ve seen the success our builds have brought to others, and we wanted that same success for ourselves. So, here’s to working smarter, not harder, and to the exciting journey ahead with our new and improved ClickUp workspace.
If you’re curious about the nitty-gritty of our overhaul or thinking about giving your own system a makeover, let’s chat! I’m all about sharing the ClickUp love!