Tech and the Community

We believe in recommending tools that we strongly believe in, purely because we think they are a good solution, and not for financial rewards or other means.

BUT…….software companies and other services like to reward us for referring them on.

So we have decided to use this to help our community.

Every link below is an affiliate link which means that we are paid a percentage of your purchase. If you choose to sign up to a particular software via a link below, we will be sending 100% of ALL REWARDS directly to our chosen charity ACCORAS.

Vidstep Logo

For training videos with Ooomph!

Vidstep creates easy to follow, step by step, instructional videos for any “know-how” knowledge you need to share.
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The secret behind our contact page!

We are always asked what we use for our pop up chat and contact page. Well the secret is out! Introducing VideoAsk!
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ClickUp Logo

Project management to run your business

This is the tool that we use here at ProjectBox to run our entire business. Think project management on steriods! You can read more about it here!
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Display Google and Facebook reviews on your website

See our Testimonial page? That's built using a clever tool that pulls in all of our reviews from Google and Facebook and displays them for us.
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Krisp Logo

Cancel backgroud noise during Zoom calls!

Krisp works with Zoom or other video conferencing software to mute background noise both from your own microphone, but also from other participants.
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Kalysys Logo

Complete business management software

The only software you need to run your entire business - on any device! They are also an Australian company which gets two thumbs up from us!
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A home for your systems

Instead of having your business systems, SOPs and processes scattered all over the place – systemHUB organises everything in a central location.
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Marketing for ECommerce

Klaviyo is a powerful marketing platform designed to integrate with your leading e-commerce platforms and help you own your marketing.
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Tech and the Community

A full CRM with email marketing

ActiveCampaign is a fantastic platform as a full CRM and to manage all of your email marketing needs! With simple and complex automation pathways, it's got you covered.
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AppSumo Logo

Deals on tools for your business

AppSumo is your one stop shop for the best deals on new tools coming to market! From heavily discounted first year, or even lifetime deals (these are our fav), it's a great place to look for things outside of the norm.
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For the best audio/video transcription

Rev is an online service that converts your audio or video to text. This is our go to for accurate transcription.
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Miro Logo

Our favourite flow chart / mind mapping tool

Miro provides a host of diferent options for creating flow charts, process maps, and mind maps and comes with both a desktop and web based version.
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All in one job management for trades!

One central platform to streamline your project processes. This is a platform that will continue to grow with you as your needs change.
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DISCLAIMER: Whilst we highly recommend the tools on this page, please ensure that you do your own testing and research to ensure that the ones that you are choosing are the right solution for your business.

Not sure? Get in touch and let us help point you in the right direction.

Need some help?

If you are not sure what you need, you want some help to implement your chosen tool/s into your business, or you and the team need a little training to get the most out of them, then all you have to do is ask!

We can help you with ANY of the tools listed on this page plus many others not noted here.

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