Get your documentation in order so that you can ensure consistency and a higher staff morale. 

Get your documentation in the right order, in a timely manner!

Having the right documentation is incredibly important for your business. Not having up to date documentation (or any at all) can result in employees being disengaged, knowledge gaps, loss of data, delays within your business processes, compliance and quality issues. It can also lead to poor customer experiences resulting in potential loss of major customers. 

To avoid facing these issues, you need to have the right documentation in place. Our ProjectBox team can help you, identifying gaps in your current documentation and provide you with a clear outline of what needs to be completed in order to ensure you have everything in the right order!

3 ways we can work together

We have 3 main options available to assist you with documentation needs.


Our concierge service involves us working together to get your entire business (or just parts of it if that's your preference) documented including extraction of information, video recordings, compilation of extra information to build out your processes before we go ahead and create of a central system for you to house everything in (something which is decided on in the initial stages of the project). Inclusions will vary depending on your preferred method of documentation and level of assistance required.

Save Our Soul

Our Save Our Soul (SOS) option is available if you are in the stressful situation where you are about to lose a team member, or feel that you may within a short timeframe, and need to ensure that the valuable information they have is extracted before they leave as quickly as possible. At ProjectBox we understand how important it is to extract this information as quickly as possible which is why we will allocate substantial time to ensure this can happen for you. Contact us now to find out how we can best support you.


Our Kickstart option has been designed for business owners who have the resources and tools to do the documentation but just need help to get started and create a project plan. Our ProjectBox team will guide you in how to get started including creating a documentaiton project plan and providing advice on where to store your completed processes. The best part is we will keep you accountable to make sure the project is completed!

You have questions, we have the answers!

Frequently Asked questions

This is one of the biggest roadblocks we come across with people wanting to document their processes and nothing beats a project plan to give you a clear direction and list of actions to take.

We always start with creating a project plan where we outline everything that needs to happen, the resources required, and who needs to be involved. The length of time it can take to initially document your processes is varied depending on the resources (time and people) that you have available to you however we roughly suggest allowing anywhere from one to six months to complete the process. From there, it’s maintenance mode to make sure that your processes are always kept up to date to match what is happening within the world in which you do business!

Definitely! The first step is to have a chat and identify what your goals are with the training. From there we can advise you on the actions to take moving forward.

Some of the risks associated with not documenting or not having up to date documentation include:

  • Disengaged employees resulting in loss of key employees
  • Knowledge gaps
  • Data loss
  • Delays within your business processes
  • Compliance and quality issues
  • Poor customer experiences resulting in loss of major customers

This one is very much like the ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. Every business is different with their documentation requirements and the goals that they have for their documentation. If you would like an estimate for us to help within your business, simply reach out.

This varies depending on how you plan on using them within the business! No matter how you choose to work with us, we will provide you with your options and guide you on the solution that makes the most sense for your business.

Of course! If this is you, reach out to us to discuss what you have done already and what your goals are! We can then guide you on your options moving forward.

‘Boring screenshots’ does not belong in our vocabulary! It all starts with learning how you will be using the documentation within your business before putting a plan together to move forward with!

That really depends on your business. We suggest including video as a way to easily digest information however this is just one part of a full documentation strategy.

Congratulations on starting the process! That’s often the hardest step! We can definitely help with looking over what you have done so far and guiding you on the next steps. All you need to do is start the conversation!


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"It’s the ability for you to, with fresh eyes, see how it is that we’re working. From getting to know you, I can see from your experience and the journey that’s led you to where you are now, that information is invaluable for anybody who’s growing a business. Because although technically I might be quite a good trades person and have some business acumen, it’s people like yourself who come into our businesses who can see bigger things, but also see things that are used across other industries as well, what works well."
Dane Beazley | Gold Coast Plumbing Company
“What can I say about Pip. We have been working with her for several months and she has been helping us with improving our small business systems and improving our business processes.”
James Mitchell | My Online Guy

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