Avoid the big questions!

I want to share a little secret that I use to tackle those big, hairy questions that can sometimes make us want to run for the hills.
Asking ourselves big, important questions can sometimes make our brain’s “fight or flight” response kick in (that’s your amygdala if you want to get technical). These tough questions can make us shut down, like we’re facing a wild animal instead of a question to answer. Same thing when you are sitting, staring at an empty screen or notebook, trying to write a speech, blog post, or new book. It’s too much for your little (but powerful!) ‘ol brain, and it shuts down (writers block!).
So, what do we do when faced with something so scary? The trick is to ask small, easy questions. Here’s the lowdown on why breaking things down can be a total game-changer:
Start Slow: Break the problem into smaller parts. It’s like warming up before exercise – it gets your brain ready without scaring it.
Spark Creativity: Easy questions can get your creativity going. They feel less scary and more like a friendly chat. Imagine you’re catching up with a relative you haven’t seen for a while – what tone would you use when asking them?
Gain Confidence: Answering little questions one by one builds your confidence. You’re taking steps rather than facing a huge mountain.
Stay Clear-Headed: Big questions can (and will!) stress you out. Small questions help clear your mind, letting you see the way forward better.
Get Moving: Huge questions can freeze us up (thanks amygdala 😫). The smaller ones are easier to handle and help us start doing things, which means we get stuff done.

When we’re not scared, the brain can think about the questions and come up with answers when it’s ready (and yup, it’s the middle of the night when mine problem solves!). Keep things simple and keep going.
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Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox