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#NOBOXES. Each of our solutions begins with a unique plan for your business. We keep you and your business front and centre and draw from our years of experience across multiple industries. 

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We’ve been doing what we do for over a decade. And we’ll be here for a lot longer! We value that commitment and are incredibly passionate about what we do and proud of our successes. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and strive to be the leaders in our field. We’re approachable and eager listeners. 

We work with any technology

Customised Solutions

We like to use the right tool for every job. We work with you to make the most of the tools at our fingertips, combining it with our expertise to give you a custom solution, that reacts perfectly when all put together. 


Client Reviews

50+ Reviews
Google Reviews
“I worked with Pip in my role as Director of Marketing at Queensland Symphony Orchestra. We engaged her to help set up several teams on ClickUp. Pip's enthusiasm and detailed knowledge of ClickUp was brilliant, and she was able to get several teams enthusiastically using the software in a matter of weeks. If you need a way to systematise the processes in your office, I highly recommend working with ProjectBox.”
Matthew Hodge
Queensland Symphony Orchestra
“As a business owner, I have used ProjectBox to organise and improve my business. The outcome was far more reaching than I had even hoped. I would highly recommend Pip and the team to anyone wanting to improve their time, productivity, bottom line and work/life outcomes (more time back to you).”
Jim Roddy
Transworld Business Brokers
“If you own a business you need good systems and a highly skilled mentor like Pip Meecham from ProjectBox to set you up for business success. Pip is one true professional, knowledgeable.”
Kim Muirhead-Holland
Get Linked Prestige Networking
“What can I say about Pip. We have been working with her for several months and she has been helping us with improving our small business systems and improving our business processes.”
James Mitchell
My Online Guy

Just some of the technology we have worked with

We have worked with many different tools and technology in order to provide the right solutions for each of our clients (see the full list here). 
We are also tech agnostic which means we can research, advise on and assist with implementing any technology you currently work with and/or would prefer.

At Projectbox, we grow businesses by creating experiences people love and then helping them to retain their company knowledge and IP!