Maximizing Efficiency, Growth, and Revenue

From inefficient, not integrated and poorly documented to an integrated system to capture every aspect of the business.

Here’s the story of Safari Republic’s incredible journey – pun intended!

Company Background: Safari Republic are a travel company that are all about deliving unforgettable safaris and mountain climbing adventures in beautiful East Africa. 

Goals: Their goal? To streamline their systems and processes, ultimately turbocharging their business by becoming more efficient and expanding their team. 

Problem Statement: Their systems were all over the place. Nothing was talking to each other, and it was causing chaos behind the scenes. Imagine trying to organise epic adventures with messy, inefficient systems. Not exactly the dream they had in mind. 

Solution: So, here’s the scoop! When Safari Republic realized they needed a fix, they teamed up with us to make magic happen. Together, we cooked up a customised integrated system that was tailor-made just for them. With Pip’s tech wizardry and our knack for systems design, we created a solution that tackled everything – from sales to operations. It was like crafting the perfect recipe for success!

Results: The results of of our teamwork? Mind-blowing! Their whole operation got a facelift. It allowed them to capitalise on a period of growth, and they have had a significant increase in revenue as a direct result of their new way of working. They have been able to add to their team andguess what? Training the newbies on the shiny new systems was a breeze. 

Client Testimonial: Jaclyn the owner of Safari Republic, had this to say about working with us:

“Working with Pip and ProjectBox is the best business investment I have made. Nothing else I have done over the past 10 years has had such a hugely positive impact on my business. It has been life-changing! Pip’s knowledge of systems, processes, and tech is phenomenal. She is also gifted at imparting her wisdom in a clear and patient way, and I enjoyed working with her enormously. The system Pip has set up has transformed my business, allowed me to expand my team, and directly led to a significant increase in revenue. It has taken the stress out of running my business and freed up my time. Her work has exceeded every expectation that I had, and I am so grateful for her wizardry!”

What’s Next: So, what’s on the horizon for Safari Republic? Well, they’re excited to keep growing and exploring new adventures. The sky’s the limit! Here’s to more unforgettable journeys and tech magic in the future!

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