Take a closer look at how your business functions
(for better or for worse)

Service blueprinting is a tool that helps businesses to understand how the customer (both internal and external) sees or experiences a business’s service process. This can be often known as a workflow or process audit!

It allows you to dive deep into how you deliver an experience and how your organisation functions (for better or worse), allowing you to address any organisational pain and breakdown of processes internally or to identify where you can be doing better.

It visualises the multi-layered nature of relationships between people, physical and digital touchpoints, and the individual processes tied to a customer journey to see how they work together well or, in some cases, don’t.

Think of a service blueprint like your treasure map!

Some golden opportunities may be hidden – even in plain sight (these can be hard to see when you are in the business daily). By creating your map, you’ll uncover a path to achieving your business goals by solving real needs, removing or updating inefficient processes or tech, and improving an employee’s experience with you.

Businesses often want to go straight into solution mode. But it’s all about capturing the current state before determining what change needs to happen. A blueprint is a snapshot in time of your business across all levels. You can only move forward by knowing and understanding exactly how things are being done now.

By taking a big step back and using the blueprint to see the end-to-end and surface-to-core as one, this then grants you the freedom to make big or small changes to how your organisation works and delivers, which results in the improvement and evolution of the customer journeys it supports.

How does it work?

By doing it together, we Will guide you through the following process:

Prefer to do it in your own time and at your own pace? Check out our other options below!


Together, we look at what you are doing now and talk about your future.

We will ascertain a birds eye view of your workflows, the tech that you are using, who is doing what, when they are doing it and HOW it is being done (including outcomes that are occurring).


Review and conduct appropriate research and testing.

Our ProjectBox team will review the things that have you pulling your hair out, conduct appropriate research and testing of new options and inform you about any identified issues by our team.


Restructure and improve your workflows.

We provide you with a detailed blueprint access to your own portal containing instructions so you can implement our recommendations. You can also engage us further to do the hard work for you if you need it.

Problems a workflow audit can solve
for your business

Not ready to have it done FOR YOU yet?

If so, you can get the process started yourself.

Both of these pathways use the exact questionnaire that we use here at ProjectBox during our Concierge service to give you the time and space to complete the extraction process in your own time.

Prices include GST if applicable.

DIY Path

This one is all up to you!
$ 150
  • Service Blueprinting Questionnaire
  • Instant detailed PDF report of the questions and your answers
  • Immediate tips and tricks for the software and tools that you are using in your business
  • Access to your submission to make changes and receive a new report at any time

Hybrid Path

You do the extraction, we build your Service Blueprint
$ Custom
  • Access to our Service Blueprinting Questionnaire
  • Instant PDF report of the questions and your answers
  • Custom built Service Blueprint including all of your workflows, opportunities and solutions (including the step by step instructions to implement our recommendations!)
  • 60 Minute Review session to discuss our findings
  • Unlimited support via email for four weeks following the review session

Frequently Asked questions

If you choose the Concierge service (we do it all for you) then we first start with asking you a ton of questions. It is your answers to these questions that then guide the rest of our time together. Following that, we take all of your information, do all the research, test all the things, then come back to you with our in depth analysis and suggestions for moving forward!

Within 3 weeks of our extraction/strategy sessions, you will receive:

  • A detailed PDF report outlining your current state with our recommendations for you to improve your customers (internal and external) experience, new tech that you might need or updates to your existing tech stack, and the future state that all these recommendations would have
  • An action plan to move forward with making change including implementation advice for any new tech
  • A documentation project plan to help you take the next step in systemising your business

This is exactly what this process does. It takes a close look at what you are doing at the moment to help you to identify bottlenecks, areas of improvement, and things that are not workng well. We then take all of that information to let you know what you could be doing to improve your operations! 

With the Concierge and Hybrid paths – yes.

Once we have completed your Service Blueprint you will receive four weeks of unlimited support via email to answer any questions that you might have. 

We are also able to help you to implement some or all of our suggestions.

This is the next stage in improving your business and if it is something you are interested in, can be custom quoted to you at the end of our initial time together when we have your action list ready!

Yes, simply email us at support@projectbox.com.au and we can organise this with you.

No, what we provide you with are your high level workflows – a blueprint / birds eye view of what is happening in your business. Each step of the workflow then becomes a process that will need to be documented at a later stage (either by you, or you can re-engage us to assist you with this). We will however provide you with a documentation project plan that you can add into your task management platform to start working through this project!

This depends on how complex your business is and how many hours of extraction are required. We are more than happy to have a chat with you to discuss your needs and to arrange a detailed quote. 

If you would prefer to do some or all of it yourself, these pathways start from $150 for DIY or $3200 for a Hybrid option.

Yes, as a part of this process, we will take a close look at what software you are using and where the gaps are. Our recommendations may include new software or updates to your existing tool stack. 

With the Concierge service, we hold a strategy session (or multiple sesions depending on the complexity of your business) with you via Zoom. The benefit to doing it this way is that you are able to pick Pip’s brain along the way as well as have yours picked with any additional questions that might pop up!

With the hybrid path, you do all of the extraction, and then we do everything else for you. Once you have completed your questionnaire, we will be in touch to clarify or request further information if required.

With the DIY path, this simply provides you with access to our custom questionnaire to help extract the information from your team. We will provide you with common tips and tricks for your industry; however, the problem-solving and reworking of your processes rest entirely in your hands.

The total time to complete the questionnaire is 1 to 5 hours (maybe even longer!) depending on the complexity of your business and the number of services you wish to blueprint.

Once you hit submit, you will receive your PDF report immediately. You will also be provided with a link that you can use at any time to come back and update your answers and receive an updated PDF. 

If you are going down the Hybrid Path or Concierge paths, once we have your answers, it will take us approximately three weeks to complete our stage. We will be in touch with you during this time to seek further feedback and clarify any information required.


Client Reviews

50+ Reviews
Pip has a great eye for business. She thinks of the stuff that us business owners sometimes overlook and will show you how to better use your time and ensure that the best most productive processes are used. I now have so much extra time for the stuff that matters- building my business, as opposed to being tied down with messy processes. Can’t recommend Pip enough!
Vernesa Rogulja | Fundamental Law | IVD Vinyl Co
“What can I say about Pip. We have been working with her for several months and she has been helping us with improving our small business systems and improving our business processes.”
James Mitchell | My Online Guy
"Pip is one incredible business woman, who is absolutely outstanding with her knowledge around implementing systems and processes to help streamline your business! I highly recommend Pip and her business, if you are needing to get your systems sorted to see your business run smoothly…then Pip is your woman!"
Amy Daymond | Diamond Recruitment
“As a business owner, I have used ProjectBox to organise and improve my business. The outcome was far more reaching than I had even hoped. I would highly recommend Pip and the team to anyone wanting to improve their time, productivity, bottom line and work/life outcomes (more time back to you).”
Jim Roddy | Transworld Business Brokers

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