New software rollout tips

If you are one of the people who are looking to give your business that digital edge with some shiny new software before the end of the financial year (is it too early to be talking about that yet!?), we know how tricky it can be to pick and deploy the right tools for your trade. So before you dive in, let’s discuss some tips to ensure a smooth journey for you and your team.
Start by identifying your MVP (most valuable processes). These are the core processes that really drive your business. Knowing what needs the most attention will help you spot the software that perfectly aligns with your goals.
Be sure to consult the pros and before you think that you aren’t ready to engage an external contractor, I’m actually talking about your team! These people are going to use the software daily so they should get a say. Gather feedback from them, listen to their pains and wishes. They will be the ones to bring practical insights to the table.
Make sure to take advantage of free trials. Many platforms offer these or even a demo. Use them! It’s like test driving a car, you wouldn’t buy it without knowing how it feels on the road!
Create a project plan! Most software comes with a plethora of features which can sometimes make things a lot more complicated then they need to be at the start. So before you start building, create that plan so that you have something to refer too along the way. This plan should outline your goals, timelines, resources needed, potential obstacles, and strategies for overcoming challenges.
Think big, start small. You are going to want something that grows with your business without growing pains so make sure you opt for scalable solutions. BUT (and this is a big but) make sure you begin with the basics and get those core foundations in place to avoid overwhelming the team.
Be sure to invest time in training your team. A tool is only as good as the person using it, so make sure you appoint a software champion who can master the tool before everyone else (or if this is not possible, look to hire an external consultant) and then conduct internal training sessions so that everyone is up to speed and comfortable. Make sure that you spread this training out over a period of time so that people have a chance to absorb and practice what they are learning.
As you roll out the new software, keep the communication channels open. Something we have seen work very well is to have an internal form that the team can use to submit feedback. Just make sure that you are reviewing and acting on feedback to fine-tune the process.
And then finally, acknowledge the small wins during the rollout phase. It helps to keep morale high and encourages adoption amongst the team.
Then as always, if you need some advice or some support, be sure to reach out to those who can help. Whether it’s the software company itself, or an external contractor like us. You are never alone!



Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox