What If Plan

How does your business continue? Have you built a system for the possibility of you not being there or your business continuing without you? This could be a short term or long term scenario and could be the result of injury, illness, personal matters, or even death.

If you’re a single-owner, single-employee business, that means your business will shut down, unless you have sufficient processes and procedures in place and have a way of transitioning that business to somebody that can follow through.

If you have a team, do you also have the right systems in place that a member of your team can step in to your shoes to keep the business running? Do they have the authority needed to do business on your behalf?

This template has been created so that you can brain dump into it, the bare minimum to keep your business running, should something happen to you.

  • Who will look after the business and how you will notify them
  • The systems required to keep the business running
  • Your requests on what needs to happen
  • Links and passwords
  • Contact lists
  • Job reallocation

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Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox