Free Automation – Drive Folder Creation

I love automation.

When used for the right reasons, it’s something that can really help us all within our days.

One of my most favourite ones is one that I’ve shared before where meeting prep times and admin buffers are automatically put on either side of a booked client meeting (check our Goodie Box for this one if you haven’t grabbed it already!).

But another one that I’ve been asked to create a lot recently is the one that creates folders in Google Drive when a new client comes on board. As an example this looks like:

  • Proposal is signed
  • Folder is created in Google Drive
  • Default folder structure is added into folder

Creating client folders in your online storage tool doesn’t sound like much, but not having to think about it just makes things so much easier.

Have you automated this process yet? If not and you want a copy of the Zap, click the button below for the instructional video and the link to the Zap!


Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox