The Energetics of Branding

There’s a new paradigm in town when it comes to BRANDING and it’s the difference between sinking into the ever-growing sea of sameness that is the online world and being seen as the premium, sought-after brand that magnetizes opportunities and clients.

The market has evolved.  We are smarter and more protective of our time and money.

We crave deeper and more meaningful connections.

And branding is the intricate, deep and powerful tool that allows you to stand out from the masses and create a sustainable and profitable business that outshines the increasing number of online businesses flooding the market.

I have discovered, in my 16+ years of branding hundreds upon hundreds of intelligent, driven and wildly ambitious entrepreneurs, that presence is powerful.

The question then is HOW do we craft that presence?  HOW do we create those deep and meaningful connections?

The answer is in ENERGETICS.

The first and most important step of my four-pillar EPIC Presence Method™ is all about Energetics.   (watch the EPIC Presence Method™ training mini-series here)

  • The vibe, the energy, the fire that fuels your business. 
  • The mindset of BEING your next level. 
  • WHO you are when you do what you do.
  • Embodying your values and aligning with your purpose.

 — THAT is what creates those connections.

This is the inner world, the feminine aspect of your brand that compliments the masculine strategy.  It is the inner soul that gives life to the outer appearance.  The passion and fire that compliments the strategy and design.  You need both.

Sure you need to understand your vision, to have values, to know your purpose and mission, but having those stock standard statements because you were told you needed them is not going to do anything useful for your brand.

They will have no energy, no connection, nothing deep and meaningful behind it to connect with anyone let alone your desired premium audience.

In order to attract PREMIUM clients that are INSTANTLY magnetised to you without any question of why YOU and you alone are their one and only, you need to tap into and express the soul essence and energy of your brand. 

Let’s break this down for you.

To tap into your brand energetics, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Where are you now in your business and how do you really feel about it? (what feels good and what feels off)
  2. Where do you want to be and how does that look and feel? (dream big and visualise)
  3. What characteristics do you value when you hire others and serve others? What traits are non-negotiable?
  4. Who are you as a person when you do what you do? What do you stand for?
  5. Why do you want to do the work you do?  (pro-tip: ask ‘why’ at least 5 times to dig deep)

When you can answer these as deep as possible, you will start to create this multi-dimensional energy and vibe that ignites the soul and heart of your brand. It’s all about the FEELING behind what your audience sees and hears.

Think of it as a house.  

  • Your position in the market, point of difference, audience, message, offers – those are the foundation and frame providing structure and support.  
  • Your identity, personality, voice and character are the style of house and the rooms.  
  • The visuals and your brand presence are the interior decorating.   
  • The energetics is what makes your house a HOME.

Imagine looking at a picture of a cashmere sweater vs being able to see and touch and feel it. The soft textures and luxurious material tickle your nose as you breathe in the unique scent knowing that wearing this will be nothing short of divine.

This is why clients can be 100% sold on you within minutes. Why they choose YOU over everyone else in the market.

That is why this step is so important.  It’s a massive gap from most other brand strategies that I fill.

Everyone else just brands their business with visuals, but when you ignite your potential and really fill in this missing piece, the connections are instantaneous and incredibly magnetic which lead to opportunity, growth and income.

And any branding you’ve done before or your competition has done becomes irrelevant because you’ve addressed your audiences subconscious feelings, psychological responses, their emotions and that niggling feeling in the back of their minds that influence their decisions.

Brands evolve and you must too, being that everybody is online and competing in a saturated market, stand out, BE more YOU and create those deep energetic connections.

Your audience is craving THAT VERY connection.   We are overloaded with information and choices everywhere we look.  

When there is a connection, a spark, something that makes your audience pause and really feel your brand, it can be the difference between ignoring you or buying from you.

 Not to mention the clarity and confidence you will have to make decisions easier, stand in your power and identity and know with absolutely certainty what you do, who you do it for and why the should choose you — and how to communicate that effectively to your audience!

The trick is to be able to intentionally and effectively embody and express this in your branding so that your energy and vibe are intricately woven throughout and doing the connection work for you.

Your brand begins and ends with YOU and the future of branding is in aligning energetics to your presence.

I have put together a free mini-series to show you exactly HOW to apply this to your business so you can become the high-end, energetically aligned brand that attracts and converts premium ready-to-buy clients.  WATCH IT HERE

Steph Zahalka – 

Award-winning brand specialist

Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox