How systems have rolled over into my personal life

Normally I am 100% (let’s make that 80%) composed, organised, and in control. After two weeks of prepping to move house, then actually moving and almost a week of no hot water or stove top to cook on (thanks to a gas issue), a few days ago I found myself yelling at a customer service representative from my energy supplier. I was 100%, totally embarrassed. While trying to take care of everything and everyone else, I had forgotten to take care of the most important thing in my life – me. And because of this, I stopped doing everything I would normally do to maintain my sanity! I very quickly apologised to the lady (who was wonderful and very empathetic) and scrambled through the rest of my day before collapsing in bed. The next morning I forced myself to wake up early, grabbed a pen and a notebook, and went back to bed. For the next hour, I planned out my next month. Projects, customer meetings, responsibilities to my family, housekeeping, due dates for bills, appointments with contractors to fix things up around the new house, and even breakfast, lunch and dinner plans for myself and the family. With the time that was left, I blocked out periods of time to work on building ProjectBox, and I blocked out periods of ME time. When I am at my peak, I do this at the beginning of every month. It’s a part of my routine. It allows me to stay focused, ensure that I am giving everyone and everything the attention it needs and deserves, and allows me to focus on growing my business. Who would have thought systems would roll over into my personal life so much!

Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox