Using reflection to increase your productivity

Life can get so busy and chaotic that we often forget to pause and reflect on our experiences. But I’ve learned that reflection is more than just a passive activity. It’s an empowering tool that helps us learn from our past, understand our present, and shape our future.
When we reflect, we slow down, breathe, and explore our thoughts and feelings. We uncover patterns, understand our reactions, and gain insights into our behaviour. This self-awareness is VERY powerful. It helps us grow and make better decisions in both personal and business settings. For instance, a business leader reflecting on a failed project may realise they ignored team feedback and prioritised personal goals. This newfound awareness allows them to adjust their leadership style, involve the team in decision-making, and lead future projects more effectively. So you can see that their reflection benefited not only themselves but also the organisation’s growth and decision-making.
The philosopher John Dewey said, “We don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.”
Meaning that it is equally important to reflect on the past as it is to plan for the future. 
It’s so important that research has shown that employees who take just 15 minutes to reflect on their day are 23% more productive at work (over a 10-day period) compared to those who don’t. 
That’s a lot!
To maintain high productivity, it is important to learn from BOTH your successes and mistakes. Productive individuals view setbacks as chances for growth and to avoid repeating errors. Challenges are always going to be inevitable, but by adopting this mindset, you can consistently improve your productivity.
By regularly setting aside time for reflection, you can transform your experiences into valuable knowledge and wisdom.
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Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox