How to Manage your Team Online

Have you found your business all of a sudden has a team of great people but no way of keeping track of staff info, qualifications and forms etc?

Now that you have an established business with a great team, you may be very quickly realising that having staff also brings some possibly unexpected challenges including;

  • Keeping track of all their stuff… personal details, next of kin, forms, licences, qualifications, certificates… the list is literally endless!
  • Training them in how you do business; and
  • Making sure they are aware of your HR policies & procedures.

By implementing the right tech for your business, you will be able to manage your team online far more efficiently and effectively.  One option we’ve recently come across is Team Accelerate (TA) so we thought we’d give you a quick rundown on their features and how they might help you to manage your team online.

Electronic Personal Files

As an employer, it’s important to confidentially store and manage your employee records, including resumes and other employment documents like contracts.  In TA, each staff member has their own personal profile which holds this information and more including contact details, start dates, next of kin details and even has a fun “Bio” section.  Lastly, there is a “Notes” section that supports you to record details about performance management discussions and other important information in relation to managing your team privately.

Online Forms

Updating, printing, communicating and chasing completed forms with staff can rack up time that you simply don’t have when running a successful business so taking them online provides one location for all of that to occur.  Anything from onboarding, personal details, leave requests and equipment acceptance right through to performance management, promotion requests, safety requirements, vehicle checks and venue management, the sky’s the limit.  Within TA, your forms can be built from scratch or selected and tailored from a complete library of pre-built templates saving you even more time! 

Certificates / Qualifications / Licences

If your business is like ours, each position probably requires different certificates, qualifications and licences.  TA supports staff to upload and store these on their profile, provides expiry alerts and gap analysis so nothing is ever missed and ensures you are always compliant for your industry requirements. No more excel spreadsheets or endless calendar reminders that get forgotten.

Employee Policies & Procedures

As an Employer, there are certain policies that we are required by law to provide to our staff, things like the NES Statement, mobile phone use, social media, credit cards, vehicles etc.  TA provides an online location to store an extensive employee  manual which can be uploaded by you if you already have something manually in place or completely tailored by HR experts.  It means no more printing of manuals when you make updates or have new staff come on board.  Everything is electronic and all acknowledged and time-stamped so you are covered when it comes to your commitments.

Training & Operational Manuals

Whilst TA was created to manage your HR, it is flexible enough to provide your business with a unified learning platform that allows you to deliver streamlined and integrated information to all levels of your team.  This could include your employee manual right through to inductions and standard operating procedures in various formats from written to video, or both!  If you are in the industry where ISO compliance is a must, TA also manages this with review dates, version control and historical data archives.


As always, it’s important to do your own analysis of what problems your business has when it comes to your team, what software are you already using that could potentially solve them and then look at where the gaps are and whether more tech like Team Accelerate will be able to support your business better.  They even have a free trial so if you want to have a play, you can!

Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox