Systems Checklist

Here’s a quick checklist of things to audit when it comes to your business system.

Your business is one big system. It is made up of components called processes which are then linked and tied together by workflows. Your people then run these workflows. 

Think of your business as a giant puzzle. All the pieces are your processes. When linked together, you have your business. A complete system working in harmony. But sometimes the pieces can get lost or they might not fit together properly. There might even be way too many pieces for the puzzle! So what needs to happen is to pull the puzzle apart. Look at the individual pieces. Then rebuild the puzzle. Make it simple with a clear picture. Make it effective with a few pieces. Make sure it all fits together and make sure everyone knows how to use the puzzle.

That’s your system.

So the question then stands, is your system operating at peak efficiency? Do you have everything in place to ensure consistency, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness?

Click the button below for a quick 5 question checklist to see how you stand up.


Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox