Tech Tip Thursday – Text Expander


typedesk is a great little tool to help you save time everywhere that you need to reply, create text, enter text. Put simply, it saves time everywhere that you work by creating \’canned responses\’ or templates that you can insert anywhere using a shortcode that you choose.

To get started, you simply open up the app or web page, and create a new response. This could be anything. An email, a snippet of text, emojis. Anything.

Add in your preferred shortcode (what you will type to insert the text), hit save and you are ready to go!

The thing that I specifically love about typedesk that separates it from a lot of other text shortcut programs?


Prior to typedesk, our email templates looked a little like….


Firstly let me say thank you for choosing to work with ProjectBox! We have had a blast working with you!

During our time together we SUMMARY

When we inserted the template, we would then have to remember to replace content in CAPITALS with what really needed to go there. A little risky as it is reliant on the team remembering to change it, but was the best solution at the time.

Where typedesk really becomes handy, is that instead of simply putting placeholders to remind you to customise the content, you can simply add a variable to the template. Watch the video below to see how quick and easy it is to create a new template with both a text response and an option to pick from a drop down menu!

So how does this work in real time? Watch the video below to see the template we just created in action!

typedesk comes as a desktop app and as a chrome extension meaning that you can use this virtually anywhere!

Here are just some of the templates that we have set up:

  • Our address
  • Our bank details
  • Shortcodes for emojis
  • Onboarding and offboarding emails
  • Support response emails
  • Support ending emails
  • Appointment booking emails
  • Training emails
  • About Pip spiels
  • About ProjectBox spiel
  • Introduction to ProjectBox
  • Chunks of text that we can insert into our reports/action plans
  • Responses for when people tag us on social media

The only issue now? I have to remember all the shortcodes! But don’t worry, typedesk has a great solution for this by using ALT C (Windows) or Option C (Mac) to quickly open typedesk and search for what you are after!

Ready to become more efficient?

Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox