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It has been a while since we shared a complete list of the tools that help us get the job done here at ProjectBox. 

This list has significantly changed this year as I got sick of plugging holes and having too many tools! So a few months ago, everything was reviewed and some serious decisions where made which resulted in a huge change in teh way that we do everything!

So without further ado, as we head into 2020, here is a no holds barred list of all the tools we use (click on the tool name to be taken to it’s website).


Xero for me wins hands down in terms of accounting software. I love that it works with Zapier (although a paid version of Zapier is needed) and it’s simplicity and ease of use makes it a winner. For even the most novice of bookkeepers, once it has been set up and you KNOW what you are doing, it is incredibly easy to keep it up and runnig (and keeping your accounting fees lower!).


In terms of Project Management, ClickUp takes the best of every other tool out there (such as Asana, Trello and Monday) and combines it into one platform. They are rolling out new features all the time but some of my favourites are the Inbox (this has become my new boss telling me what to do each day!) and Forms (which I can embed directly into websites etc!).

ClickUp allows us to track time, plan and track client work, and ensure that we are kept on track and consistent in everything that we do.

They are also in the process of building in Automation which has me even more excited! It’s an incredibly customisable platform and there are a number of ways that you can use it.


I used to hate Gmail. With a passion. But middle of last year I made the switch and I’ve never looked back. Google integrates with EVERYTHING. I can track emails with ActiveCampaign without ever leaving my inbox, I can add people to automations without leaving Gmail. I can create new tasks in ClickUp and attach the whole email and it’s individual attachments and then file the email (knowing that ClickUp is going to remind me to take action).


I have been with ActiveCampaignn for a while now and just love the platform. I love how customised and segmented the automations can be and I love the CRM and how it integrates with GSuite. There are also some amazing things that you can do with ActiveCampaign and Zapier.


This is a fairly new addition to the ProjectBox garage. I love how you can customise everything within DocuSign and how you can also do in person signing quickly and simply (streamlined sales process anyone!).


Now this one might surprise some people. I used to HATE ClickFunnels. In fact I went out of my way to not use ClickFunnels however in the last two months have made a move back into using it. There were several reasons that pushed me towards the change including the ability to be able to create specific landing pages that were able to take payment for things without the user having to create an account, the flexibility with being able to connect ClickFunnels to Zapier and the complete control over how I want things to look. ClickFunnels has also been used to create my link from Instagram


When scheduling content for Facebook and Instagram, I love Creator Studio. Now for Instagram you are missing a couple of features such as being able to put hashtags into the first comment, but personally I don’t worry about that. Creator Studio let’s me do everything I need to do and keeps the reporting nice and tidy. It is a free tool provided by Facebook themsleves so effectively means you are scheduling directly within the platform which they love.

For those who are wondering, I do not schedule to LinkedIn (as you are really limited by the number of characters you are able to write), and I use One Up App for scheduling to Google My Business.


Stripe integrates with all of the other software that we use here making it simple to create and take payments as well as set up subscription based payments for our online programs.


This is what allows all of our tools that don’t natively link to talk to each other. When in peak performance we are utilising the paid plan to allow us to make the most of all the features and apps that Zapier has to offer.


This tool is what we use to create all images. It’s how we add our logo, bring in our colouring, and now we are able to remove backgrounds we also do that in there!! We make the most of the paid account so that we have quick access to logos, branding colours and fonts.


WeVideo is how we edit all videos, add in our logo, and layer information over the top of the video. I love it for how cheap it is and how easy and simple it is to use.


Simply put, a URL shortner is a simple tool that takes a long URL (website address) and turns it into whatever URL you would like it to be. While most people have heard of Bit.Ly (for example, http://bit.ly/pbreview1), Pixel.Me is a bit of an unknown. 

Where Pixel.Me has me hooked, is that it allows me to attach my Facebook tracking pixel (a piece of code that stalks you around the web and then allows me to target you with Facebook ads) to that particular customised website address. So pretty much any website address, I can put my Facebook Pixel onto – pretty cool (and scary) huh!


There are a lot of appointment booking software options out there. The reason why we chose Calendly and have stuck to it for the last few years, is the simplicity of it’s use, the end user experience, the options to redirect someone to another page when they make a booking (really handy for completing onboarding questionnaires!), it’s ability to embed into other pages (I have mine embedded directly into ClickUp so I never have to leave the program) and also it’s integration possibilities.


Earlier this year I met Eryn from Mind My Money. Four weeks later and she had me into the most amazing budgeting software! Now the reason I love the software, is that any given time I can login, and see exactly how my bank accounts (both personal and business) are tracking. I can see the effect of withdrawals and deposits and how this is going to impact me long term. Thinking about taking on a team member? I simply plug their wages in and see what’s going to happen.

They don’t use traditional budgeting software where it’s all about what’s happened, this is about what is GOING to happen so it moves with you really well.


There are a bunch of other tools that we also use. Give the below a Google!

Google Analytics – used to monitor my web audience

Automate.IO – a program similar to Zapier

Remove.BG – used a lot to remove backgrounds before Canva came through with the goods

LunaPic – used to edit photos – see a clock in a photo in the ProjectBox purple? It’s LunaPic that allowed me to do that.

Otter – this one is actually used a LOT. Otter allows you to transcribe audio as it is happening. Great for meetings where you want to take notes but also want to give the client your full attention!

Unroll.Me – also another lifesave but this time for my inbox. Unroll.Me takes all of the subscription emails that I choose and bundles them into one simple email each day.

JukeDeck – for all background music to videos


So there you have it. These are the main list of tools that run our business. If I had to pick the overall one? ClickUp. Everything runs because of ClickUp. 

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