How we manage continuous improvements here at ProjectBox

How do you manage your continuous improvement within your business?


Here at ProjectBox, we have a list within ClickUp that we use to brain dump all of our ideas, concerns, feedback and thoughts. We call this list ‘Future Proofing ProjectBox’.


No matter how big, small, crazy, or insignificant they seem, everything gets put into this list.


This allows us to free up mental space to focus on the work at hand. Multitasking is not productive! By having all of these ideas out of our heads and into a dedicated system, we are able to put all of our attention into our clients and other business activities.


How do we use it?


If it is something that is impacting the current experience that our customers have with us, it’s given a high priority, broken down into smaller tasks, delegated, and actioned within the month.


For everything else, periodically throughout the year, we have what we call our ‘Business Improvement Weeks’ (or sometimes it might simply be a random day where we need to take action).


It is during this time that we take a look at the list, delete the ideas that no longer have legs (sometimes things can sit in this list for months before finally being deleted), and prioritise the ideas that we would like to see implemented before breaking them down into actionable steps and taking action.


I LOVE this list. It excites me to see the ideas that are generated and how it changes the experience for our internal and external customers!


It’s also a great reflection tool to see all of the changes that we have made.


So how do you manage yours? I’d love to know!


Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox