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What makes you stand out from your customers?

What makes you legendary?

If someone asks you what makes you stand out from your competitors, can you answer the question?

Being able to identify this and communicate it helps your customers to quickly understand what you do and what sets you apart from your competitors! The secret is to work out and understand what your ideal client really wants and making sure you deliver it better than anyone else.

The trick to the follow-through? The SYSTEMS that sit behind how you deliver.

But to get you started and get the creative juices flowing, here’s some of the ways that you can stand out!

👉 Provide incredible customer service – deliver a service level that customers just can’t get anywhere else. If you think you do this already, then review what you are doing to find where you can do better.

👉 Address customer pain points – Is there something that your customers fear or seem to believe is universal for what you do? If so, focus on communicating how you have the answer for it! Another example is if customers are screaming out for weekend service as that is when they are at home, maybe this is something you need to address and specialise in! If no one is returning their calls, be that person that does.

👉 Do business differently to your competitors – look at their business model, find the holes, and use this to your advantage.

👉 Create a powerful guarantee – are you confident enough in the service you provide and the products you use to stand by it 100%? If so, then create a guarantee that is so strong that no one else in your industry would dream of doing it, and then stick by it.

👉 Surprise and delight your customers – sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Options here include handwritten thank you notes, birthday cards, remembering a special occasion a customer has mentioned etc.

👉 Offer – can you become known for an offer you make? For example, if a customer refers four new customers to you, they get something for free in return.

👉 Quote differently – take the time to personalise your quotes. An air conditioning company decided to up their game and instead of a standard PDF quote that looks too much like an invoice, they created something entirely different. A personalised story using details that they picked up from the visit to the clients home, that walks the customer through what their life would look like with the new air conditioning. Total game changer.

👉 Go out of your way – it is amazing the number of businesses that do not honour what they say or promise. At a minimum always do what you promise you will. Beat your competitors and over-deliver on what you have advertised.

So what do you do that makes you stand out? The thing makes you legendary?

What systems do you have in place to make sure that you continually show up and deliver as promised?

Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox