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First and foremost, we have a quick chat to make sure that we are the right fit for each other and that we can help you! Then once we are both happy, it's time to get started!


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To get the most of the membership, we need to know you, your business and your systems!

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Lauren Clemett

"This is brilliant for those times when you simply don't have the time or headspace to watch another tutorial or search through a FAQ page"

This service is so awesome! At any time I get stuck, or simply need someone else's clear head to look at what I'm trying to do, I can pop a question through and quickly get the steps I need to action what is needed.

This is brilliant for those times when you simply don't have the time or headspace to watch another tutorial or search through a FAQ page for the answers, you just want to resolve to a specific step in a process, so you can move on and get it done.

Thanks so much Pip and the team, your service and support is invaluable!

Packages that bend and move with you

Simple, straight forward pricing. With UNLIMITED email support.

With no lock in contract, you can stop and start when you like, and guaranteed reply received within 24 hours *.


AUD$69 /month

For one man/woman bands to know that someone always has their back.


AUD$199 /month

For businesses with two or more people

A little bit extra...

We know it doesn't end with your questions.
So we are making our experts available to you, if and when you need them.

Personalised tech updates, how they impact you, and suggestions on how to utilise them within your business $89 /month
Consulting - this cost is per hour. You are able to use for anything to do with the systems within your business $220 /hour
Hands on Support to help you within your systems or to fix a problem.

This service is not available unless you are a B.O.S.S member (please contact us for project pricing). Billed in 15 min increments - estimated quote will be provided before we start.
$150 /hour

All prices are in AUD. If within Australia, prices include GST. No lock in contract. Your plan will automatically renew each month unless you request to cancel. Prices subject to change with 30 days notice.

If your email support questions require more than one clarification response from us or is a strategy related question, this will be deemed as a hands on support issue or a consult/technical training request, and you will be charged accordingly. Please note that we will advise you of this before continuing with your request.

*Weekends and Australian Public Holidays are excluded.

Ready to take the next step and get a Systems Champion for your business?


Just in case you are wondering...

Here are the answers to some of the common questions about the program!
1What type of things can we use this for?
We have clients using it for a variety of things - your options are really endless! Here are some examples: - One client has completed a project with us to roll out a new piece of software within the business. They have decided to keep us on board to be their 'Systems Champion' that their team can reach out to with questions about not only the software that we have implemented (no more waiting for help from the tech support team), but also for questions about the other tools that they are using within the business. - Another BOSS member is using it as a way to test all of their funnels. They simply send us the link, we run the funnel and provide feedback on the user experience or anything that is not working as expected. - One BOSS client is using the Solo plan for cheaper access to consulting and training whilst they are setting up the systems within their business. - Another member uses us as the go between to help her manage her external team of VA's and marketing support.
2Can we really just stop and start when we need you?
You sure can! We understand that things are constantly moving in business so we do not want to tie you into something that you may not need for periods of time.
3What happens if our question is a little bit more complex?
Send it through. We will take a look and a member of our team will get back to you to let you know whether we can include it within your plan or if it will be classed as hands on support/training. You can then decide if you want to proceed!
4What are the personalised tech updates? How do they work?
The tech tools that you use in your business are constantly changing. New updates are coming out all the time which sometimes, can rework the way that you do EVERYTHING! As part of our initial getting to know you session, we also get to know the tools that you are using. So these monthly personalised tech update reports are so that you can see how any changes are going to directly impact on what you do in your business whether positively (and what steps you may need to take to get them up and running) or negatively.