ROI on Systems

Systemising is an investment. Of time and money. But the benefits really do pay off. Ready to see how?   An electrical business has been in operation for two years and now has three staff – the owner, an admin girl, and an electrician. Currently, the business is in operation Monday to Friday with the owner also working Saturday and Sunday to catch up on paperwork and quoting. The entire business is run from a mix of excel spreadsheets, Xero and paper diaries. A typical day sees them completing 8 jobs with an average sale price of $297. They spent twelve weeks systemising their business with the help of a systems consultant including the introduction of job management software, a review of their core systems and documentation of their processes. The result? The owner no longer works weekends, Friday avo knock off is at 3pm and two hours every day has been saved. The team is now more empowered to do their jobs and customers are raving about the level of service that they are receiving. On average this means time for one extra sale each day, resulting in approx $1485 extra income each week or $71,280 each year. That MORE than covers the cost of their investment in time and money to get their business systemised.  
So the question is, why would you not want to systemise your business?

Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox