Reinventing the wheel

When our minds are running crazy with everything that we need to do, it can often be hard to see a better way to manage it all.

We reinvent the wheel every time because it seems quicker at the time to do that, just to be able to get the job done and get the task ticked off. One less thing to worry about right!

The problem with this is that each time you reinvent the wheel, you are actually losing time. Your brain is having to think about what needs to happen before, during and after you have done the task. It\’s asking itself what impact this task is having on other areas within your business and if there is anything else that needs to be actioned now that you have completed that task.

Setting up workflows and standardised procedures may take a little time to set up, but the amount of time that you will save later is well worth the effort.

If you are lost in the fog of knowing there has to be a better way but you are just not sure where to start, then let’s talk!

Take back control of your time and book yourself in here.

***These are just some of the things on my to do list. It makes me feel overwhelmed just looking at it all laid out like this. But behind the scenes, these are all stored in my Project Management System (#clickup). They all have their own processes, they are all assigned due dates, and once completed, new tasks to complete the workflow automatically appear. No thinking needed, just doing.***

Pip Meecham

Systems and Operations Specialist & Founder of ProjectBox

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