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7 Efficiency Hacks book

7 Efficiency hacks to save you 5 plus hours each week!

Every day in your business you have things to do. So many things that it’s hard to focus on what to do and when not …

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Email having a bath with a rubber duck and ProjectBox logo

Why you need to keep your email lists clean.

In the email marketing world, your sending reputation is something that you need to protect with everything that you have. One of the ways that …

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ProjectBox Digital Tool Garage

Our Digital Tool Secrets

It has been a while since we shared a complete list of the tools that help us get the job done here at ProjectBox.  This …

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ProjectBox fb logo

Template those social replies!

Did you know that you can create templates for Facebook messenger? With the number of ways that potential clients can message you now, it makes …

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How to determine which online tools are right for your business

Anyone who says that their business runs itself, who talks about automation, content, or integrations, will have an army of online business tools that are …

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Speed Up Your Email Responses With Templates

Are you constantly writing the same (or similar) emails? Writing similar emails is something that happens to all of us. Some of the common reasons …

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