From workflow mapping to clickup.

Our journey of working with Ivana and helping her to find a better way to manage it all.

Ivana initially came to me as everything was in her head. She wanted to look at how they were doing what they were doing and find a better way to manage it all!

Below Ivana shares her story of before her time with us, during, and what life is like now!

What was your problem before you engaged ProjectBox?

My entire business and processes were all stored in my notepad, and in my mind. There wasn’t a single procedure in the company documented clearly enough for anyone to take any ownership of any tasks. If I wasn’t available to action and check and direct tasks, not much could be done without me. 

What results have you received since working with us?

I have been able to grow my team from 4 people to 10 in the last 4-6 months. Now that we have our processes documented, and set up in ClickUp. Streamlining everything, with automations has helped me delegate a lot of the operational tasks. Projects are a lot more streamlined, and we are communicating more effectively with clients, and being able to take on more projects and maintain our high level of detail. 

What made you choose our services over anything else you could have done?

I was highly recommended by a friend to use your services. From the initial meeting, I felt it was the right choice, working with you Pip has been amazing. It’s been fantastic to see how our conversations about our processes turn into easy-to-understand and use working procedures for the team.  

What was life like before you started working with us?

Overwhelming and stressful, and really it was hard to sleep knowing of all the things that were outstanding to do. 

What is life like now that you have experienced our services?

Life is much easier, and running the business is much easier. I have less to retain in my mind, as I know everything is somewhere in ClickUp, and there’s a process and procedure that can be followed by staff to get things done in my absence. I would like to subscribe for a lifetime of support, as long as my business continues to operate for a lifetime  If I have any other business ventures, I would do it all again. 

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about our services?

How efficiently the processes were set up, from very early 1-2 calls. Pip understood immediately the best processes, and all of the options for improving our systems such as combining the legal contract with our fee proposal now saves me at least 2 hours when I’m onboarding new clients. All the tech, Loom, Typedesk, Google Drive, once we get to adding Zaps. I wouldn’t have been able to progress so quickly and efficiently with all the tech without your support and services!!!

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