This is me, Pip Meecham.

(Although it’s Philippa on anything that needs to be signed, my drivers license and to my Grannie)

My technical mission?

To empower every customer to create a system for success.

But the phrase that really gets me going each day?

These two words were the catalyst to two incredible dreams. One of a legacy and another of a mentoring academy. But before this, I quickly realised four years ago that I was building the wrong business – a successful one, but the wrong one. With bigger dreams, ProjectBox was established.

You will recognise across our socials that there are two faces to this business. Mine, but also my daughters. She is my number one fan, happily rocks her mini ProjectBox tee and tells anyone that will listen, that her mum ‘bosses’ for a living. The legacy is for her, and the mentoring academy? For the teenagers of this world. To create an environment to help ease the transition between school and work and to provide support and mentoring to budding entrepreneurs.

Swag lover and a hot chocolate over coffee gal
(but I'll have a wine anytime!).

I’m a lover of tech and of systems (without all the tech speak) and have been given the nickname 'faster than Google' by my peers.

Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for not only being the go to woman for finding better ways of doing things but also for developing systems and processes that work with a business’s values to create efficiency, consistency and aid in overall business growth. I’m continually exploring what’s needed to build better businesses.

I don’t do it because I have to, but because I actually love this stuff. It makes my heart happy.
But most of all, more than anything? I love showing businesses just how simple and powerful systems can really be. And yep, I’ll even make you comfortable in using any tech that gets implemented into your business.

No matter how long it takes. I believe in passionate people, about doing what you love, and about no boxes. Everything that we do, needs to make sense for your unique ecosystem.

And on the weekends? You can find me performing my own version of car karaoke.
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We don't do hard!

Fall in love with your business again. No more stress or 80 hour weeks working in your business doing things the long way. Let's make business fun again.