Three things to do to prepare for the new year!

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For a lot of service based industries, the period leading up to Christmas and the New Year can be an incredibly hectic time as you look to finalise projects and close client files. This may then lead into a one or two week complete shutdown used to recoup and relax or a skeleton staff period where a few staff remain in the office to keep the business presence alive.

Whether you are open or closed there are a few things that you and your team can do to prepare for the new year:

  • Schedule social media posts for the first four weeks – there are plenty of software options to automate this for you. Having everything pre-written and scheduled saves running around last minute as a fresh wave of business takes flight.
  • Check your website and social media profiles. Check your profile, photos, content, and make sure all external links are still working. Optimise the space that you have so that people walk away with a clear idea of what it is you sell and are able to easily find your contact information.
  • The biggest one – reflect. A lot of people will start 2017 with no consideration of the last 365 days. I’m 100% sure that everyone has had victories, made mistakes, lost and gained relationships and most importantly have grown from lessons learnt. Now is the time to consciously reflect on 2016. Start by asking yourself the following questions:
    • What did we do well?
    • What could we improve on?
    • What did I do to contribute most to my successes?
    • What did I do to contribute to my failures?
    • What would I do differently?
    • What will I most fondly remember?

After some advice from my dad, I reflect almost daily. To do this, I write down three things from the day that I did well, and three things from the day that I could improve on. Doing this really forces me to look back over the day. It only took a week for me to start to see patterns in what I was writing and gave me things to focus on and work on. On days when I’m feeling a bit lost, I like to look back over my wins. It also helps to remind me about why I do what I do and what I hope to achieve.

It can be scary to look into the reflection mirror but also incredibly fulfilling!

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