My Tools

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Builders use hammers. Mechanics use wrenches. Painters use a paintbrush and doctors use a stethoscope. It might be a bit strange seeing as most of my work is done digitally, but I also have my own selection of tools!

Instead of using tangible items, most of my tools tend to focus more on apps. I love these tools so much, I’m going to let you in on a few of my secrets!


Calendly lets me share my calendar with the world enabling people to select a date and time that suits them to catch up, without all the to’ing and fro’ing that emails require. To see how it works, have a look at mine!


  • Paying the small annual fee allows you to remove all Calendly branding
  • If you are travelling throughout the day, ensure that you book this into your calendar to ensure that customers cannot make a booking while you are supposed to be on the road!
  • Ensure that once someone has made an appointment, that you have set Calendly up to redirect them to a thank you page, a landing page, or your website.


I was put onto Canva by my business coach (more about him later). I have created so many things with this app including Facebook posts, lead magnets, marketing flyers for my Ready To Sell service, Facebook cover photos and even a resume for a friend! With templates and designs just waiting to be customised, this is my go-to, quick design program.


  • Although there is a free subscription, going pro opens up more templates and allows you to set up your business brand making future designs quicker and easier.
  • Experiment – don’t be afraid to try new things, explore new designs, and customise the templates available.


ProWorkflow is my chosen project management software. Before settling with ProWorkflow, I tested numerous different project management programs. Below are the pros and cons I have found with ProWorkflow. For me, the pros have definitely outweighed the cons, and in the meantime I keep throwing my feedback at their customer service department and finding workarounds!


  • Syncs with Xero – this allows for creation of invoices within the software and have those sent directly to Xero. Any payments applied in Xero are also sent back to ProWorkflow (does not work with Xero Cashbook – see below con).
  • Very user friendly – ProWorkflow has a great layout and is fairly intuitive, even for those who are not the most tech savvy
  • A massive pro for me is that my customers and my suppliers can have their own login details (without any extra cost on my monthly fee). This allows them to have access to a project to see it’s progress, add their comments, or even request a new project!


  • The biggest con for me with ProWorkflow is not being able to create my own mail merge documents (for example quote templates). ProWorkflow does have a great quoting layout, although I would love to be able to customise the layout of my proposal more.
  • All invoices and quotes can be sent from within ProWorkflow – which is GREAT but each time you send an email, you need to recreate the content – there is no ability (yet!!) to have an email (or multiple) signature.
  • If you are only using Xero cashbooks, then ProWorkflow is unable to show part payments against an invoice. This would need to be manually tracked in a method chosen by you.

Overall though ProWorkflow is a great program with a fantastic customer service team based out of New Zealand.


My Business Garage is owned by Daniel da Silva Lay who just happens to be my business coach! Daniel is my secret weapon when it comes to strategic planning and keeping me accountable! Friends and family are great for bouncing ideas off but not always 100% honest when it comes to needing real feedback. Daniel isn’t afraid to tell me how it is  and he helps me put the strategies in place to let ProjectBox go from strength to strength!

I highly recommend a business coach if you are thinking about starting a business or as Daniel puts it, ‘ready to turbocharge an existing one’!


So there you have it, four of my favourite tools! If you need help or want some advice on any of these tools, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to book in a free 15 minute consultation here, or get in touch below!