A Day In The Life Of Poppy

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Poppy is the owner of a successful landscaping business – Lawn Dreams which has been operating for almost ten years. Poppy employs five landscapers, a full time office assistant, part time bookkeeper, and a school based trainee.

A day in the life of Poppy at Lawn Dreams

Wake up.

Breakfast – while eating breakfast checking and answering emails received overnight.


Get kids out of bed and serve them breakfast.

Answer phone call from landscaper wanting to know details for buying products from a new supplier.

Get kids dressed.

Phone buzzes – enquiry received via website, customer has only supplied their contact details but given no information about what they would like help with – forward to the office assistant to follow up.

Run away to bathroom to get dressed, put makeup on and brush hair. Phone rings again, the same landscaper needs to get into the office early to print design out ready for client meeting. Agree to meet him in an hour at the office (40 minutes before the office is due to open).

Grab kids school bags (prepacked the night before) and usher kids to the car.

On the way to school Poppy answers a phone call from current client wanting to know contact details for his landscaper, a prospective new client wanting to organise a time to meet with a landscaper at her house and her mum.

Drop kids at school.

Race to the office to find the landscaper there waiting. Let him in. Drop bag into office and landscaper appears at the door – he doesn’t know how to find the client on the computer.

Phone rings, a customer is on the phone asking for bank account details.

Poppy gives bank details to the customer and then locates the landscapers client on their Customer Management Software (CMS) and prints out the design files for him.

The office phone starts to ring so Poppy answers it. The bookkeeper is unwell and won’t be coming in today. Poppys heart starts to beat a little faster as she realises that today is pay day and no one else knows how to process the pays but the bookkeeper. Poppy convinces the bookkeeper to come in for two hours to process the pays. She feels terrible but the pay must be done today.

By now the office assistant and several of the landscapers have turned up and taken residence at their desks around the office. Poppy calls the office assistant into her office to quickly check in on her work load.

The office assistant is really behind. The school based trainee is due back in today and she needs to train her how to use various parts of the CMS. Poppy asks about an instruction manual for the CMS but the office assistant just shakes her head and says that she doesn’t have time to do that. She has a mountain of data entry stacking up, plus one of the landscapers is getting her to teach him how to use the CMS more effectively.

The phone rings again and the office assistant runs off to answer it.

Poppys phone buzzes as the office assistant puts the call through to her. It’s an angry customer. One of the landscapers has turned up with the wrong plants. Poppy promises to follow up with what has happened and call the customer back. She now needs to find the landscaper responsible for the job and call them.

Crisis averted and Poppy turns her attention to the mountain of paper on her own desk. As she looks around she feels flustered and unsure of what she needs to accomplish today. Ignoring the paperwork Poppy turns on her computer and looks over the emails that have arrived since this morning.

She checks her calendar. Looking over it she feels like something is missing… she was sure she had an appointment today but for the life of her could not remember who or when. Poppy grabbed her handbag and started going through the bits of crumpled up paper one by one. She finds one with a name, date and time on it. Today’s date. Relaxing a little she smiled and put the appointment into her calendar.

Poppy’s phone buzzes again. This time it’s a supplier wanting to know the exact size dimensions of a patio so that they can cut the timber required. Poppy looks on the CMS but the details are not there. She gets the suppliers contact details so that she can get the landscaper involved to call them back. Poppy has no idea who the landscaper is involved with the job. She asks the office assistant who gives her the name of one of the team.

It’s not even 10am. Poppy feels exhausted. The rest of the day follows in a similar fashion. As soon as Poppy sits down and attempts to attend to her to do list, something else happens and she fails to make any progress. Poppy has been wanting to expand her business into a new location but other than jotting the basic idea down on paper six months ago, she has yet to make any progress on the expansion. Poppy feels frustrated and lost. She’s bogged down in the day to day running of her business and is losing site of her future plans. Her work life balance is suffering and her family aren’t afraid to let her know it. She hates going to work and she dreads going home. She feels like she has a job. Not a business. This isn’t what she signed up for.


Does any of this feel familiar to you? Check in next week where we will give you a sneak peek into a day in the life of Bradley. Poppy’s number one competitor.