A day in the life of Bradley

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Meet Bradley, Poppys number one competitor.

Bradley owns Sky High Landscaping, and is about to enter his sixth year in business. He employs five landscapers, an apprentice landscaper, two administration assistants and a part-time bookkeeper.

A day in the life of Bradley at Sky High Landscaping

Wake up.

Breakfast with his kids– while eating breakfast catching up on the news on his tablet and talking to his kids about the day ahead.

Shower and get dressed.

Help his youngest get dressed and pack their daycare bag.

Say goodbye to wife and kids and jump into the car.

On the way to the office, Bradley turns up the speakers and pushes play on his latest Spotify playlist. A call comes in from one of the administration assistants reminding him of his meeting at 9am with his solicitor to check over the contract for a new office he is looking at buying. Bradley confirms, hangs up, and turns the music back up.

At the office, Bradley says good morning to the administration assistant and two of his landscapers. He heads into his office, sets his bag down, turns on the computer and checks his emails. He quickly responds to a question from a landscaper about additional permissions on the CMS and then checks his calendar. He grabs the files needed for his meeting with the solicitor and sets himself up in the office meeting room.

The solicitor arrives and they have their meeting. Bradley is incredibly excited, he has been given the all clear to move forward on the new office!

Checking his calendar, Bradley has booked out the next two hours to focus on Sky High Landscaping marketing activities. With the move into the new office now on the cards, Bradley needs to review and adjust his advertising to entice new clients to his business.

With his mind spinning in excitement and possibilities Bradley takes an early lunch to surprise his wife for lunch to celebrate the new office.

On his return to the office, Bradley works with one of the landscapers to refine the system they have for onboarding clients. The landscaper was finding he was consistently getting stuck at a certain point. With a plan in place to avoid the roadblock and the landscaper happy, Bradley asks the administration assistant to update the system and release to all staff.

Bradley takes a quick look at his calendar for tomorrow – another block of time has been put aside to continue working on his new advertising goals. He catches himself smiling.

He leaves the office at 3pm to go and collect the kids from school and daycare.

Up until two years ago, Bradley used to be in Poppy’s shoes. He was working incredible hours, snapping at his team and at his family, resenting going into business and unsure about his future. Now that he has implemented systems into his business, his work life balance is where he wants it to be, every time he leaves the office he does so with the confidence in his team to handle the day to day operations, he is excited about the period of growth and he is starting to work on his succession plan.

It’s not always smooth sailing and there are always little hiccups (and a couple of big ones!) but Bradley is incredibly proud of his business and what he has achieved. He loves what he does and is now a valued mentor to other start-ups.


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