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You may have read or heard common buzzwords like systemise, accessibility and even the word buzzwords (!!) but been wondering what an earth they actually mean or are too embarrassed…

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How systems have rolled over into my personal life
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Normally I am 100% (let’s make that 80%) composed, organised, and in control. After two weeks of prepping to move house, then actually moving and almost a week of no…

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Today I am off to a networking lunch. A few years ago I hated these things. When I say hated, I mean HATED with a capital H! I would always…

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Lessons from my tonsillectomy!
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Eight weeks ago I had my tonsils removed. Now most people have this operation done when they are a child. Mine were sneaky, they managed to hang in there until…

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Confronting The Banana
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So you’ve been confronted by a banana. What do you do? Scream? Back away slowly before turning around and running away? Collapse on the ground in a crying, shaking, pile…

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What’s In A Move?
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The past fortnight has seen me prepare to move both my office and my home from one rental property to another. This has bought about some ‘I wish I had…’…

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